Safety tips for online communication To do

We care for the safety and security of your profile and the personal information provided by you. To exercise precautions for your privacy and for a safe and secure online matrimony experience, we suggest some simple guidelines.

  • => keeps profiles anonymous until a member himself/herself wants to reveal his/her identity to some other member/s. We suggest you to remain completely anonymous until you fully trust that person.
  • =>Closely look for odd behavior or inconsistencies. Serious people will always respect your space and allow you to take your time to make a decision.
  • =>Stop communicating/block anyone who pressures you for personal information like photo, mailing address, mobile no. etc., or attempts to trick you into revealing it.
  • =>If someone uses abusive/vulgar language or gives threat messages, immediately send us “report abuse” message. You can block any member you want to ensure that he can’t find you in search results nor see your profile.
  • =>As any member can upload upto three photos of themselves, view all photos of someone in various styles.
  • =>Female members may provide contact number of their father/brother for corresponding with other members if they fear any misuse.

Safety tips for online communication Not to do
Safety tips for offline communication To do
Safety tips for offline communication Not To do
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