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Q: Which browsers are best to view ?

A: It can be viewed best in latest version of Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Q: Can I view your site on my phone?

A: can be viewed on all Android phones.However, we would recommend using a PC/laptop for registration of a profile.

Q: Can anon-registered visitor to your site search partner?

A: They can perform only “quick search” on the home page of our site.

Q: How can I send my query?

A: Go to “Help” tab on the home page of In it, go to “send query” and submit the query form. 

Q: Can I give my feedback?

A: Yes, infact we would love to get your valuable feedback to help us improve our service. To send us your feedback, go to “Help” tab. In it, go to “send feedback” and submit the feedback form. 

Q: Can I share my success story?

A: Yes, we will feel honored to share your success story. To send us your success story, go to “Help” tab. In it, go to “send success story”and share your story. 

Q: How can I invite a friend to your site?

A: To invite a friend, go to “Help” tab. In it, go to “invite friends”, give your email and email of your friend whom you want to invite. Write a personal invitation message and send. 

Q: What time can I talk to customer care executives?

A: You can call them on all working days from 9am -5pm(IST).

Q: Is on any social networking site?

A: Yes, we are on Click on the Facebook link provided on the footer of our site to view our Facebook page. We request you all to like it and stay connected with us.

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