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Q: Who can contact registered members?
A: Only a registered member can contact another registered member. Free visitors to our site can’t contact them.

Q: What are the various contact options?
A:  You can contact another member by following ways:
(1) Messaging: You can communicate via messaging to ask relevant questions from the other person. Please don’t be vague in your conversation.
(2) Phone: You can contact members/their guardians directly via phone on their given contact numbers.
(3) Arrange a meeting:After you have done preliminary investigations of a profile, you can arrange a face-to-face meeting with the person at some suitable place (kindly read safety tips). We strongly recommend doing so under the super vision of your family in accordance with cultural ethics of Kashmir.

Q: What is “express interest”? What does accepting it mean?
A: It is a feature by which you can let the other member know that you like his/her profile and want to initiate contact to know more about them . It indicates that you want to consider this person as potential life partner. However, it shouldn’t be taken as a nod for marriage.

Q: Why are “express interests” per month limited?
A: Because we want users to avoid randomly expressing interest in all profiles without going through his/her profile in detail. Doing so will result in nuisance for all of them. Moreover, for ethical reasons and getting best results, we strongly suggest that if you have already initiated contact with some member, you should avoid accepting/sending“express interest” from/to other members, until you make some final decision about the first.

Q: Can I message a member without “express interest” acceptance?
A:Yes, you can if you’re a registered member.

Q: How can I contact a member on phone?
A: You should contact a member or his/her parents/guardian on the contact numbers provided in the profile. When you call someone, please mention that you found their contact info on and don’t keep yourself anonymous. Give your introduction and talk in polite and respectful manner.

Q: What dos “block” a member mean?
A: Pressing “block” button will mean that the blocked profile won’t be able to find you in search results.

Q: How can I report abuse?
A: You can directly send us complaint against any user who has shown inappropriate behavior towards you. Goto “report abuse” link, provide us with his/her profile ID and type your complaint. Your complaint will be taken seriously and action will be taken against the abuser.

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