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Q: How do I search for my partner?
A: You can do so by using search tool which enables you to filter out profiles as per your set criteria.

Q: What are the various search options?
A: When you will login your account, you will be able to perform quick search, advanced search and search by ID.
Quick search will be based on: Age limits, religion and residence, residence.
If you want to be more specific about your choice of partner, you can use advanced search. It will include search based on :
(1) Basic information: (a) Age (b) Religion(c) Marital status (d) Surname  (e)Residing in (f) Citizenship
(2) Cultural background : (a) Birthplace(b) Mother tongue (c) Family type
(3) Physical Appearance: (a) Height (b)Disabilities
(4) Social background: (a) Education level(b) Profession (c)Salary (d)Diet (e)Smoking
 Search by profile ID: It’s another search option where the user can search a profile simply by entering its profile ID.

Q: How do I get maximum search results?
A: The more stringent the criteria you set for search,lesser will be number of displayed profiles. So in “quick search” you will get maximum search results. Try to be more open minded and don’t put too many search conditions.

Q: In what order are search results listed?
A: Search results can be sorted as recently registered profiles first.

Q: How can view a profile in detail?
A: When the profiles will be listed after search, they will be displayed with only basic profile information. To see some profile in detail, simply click on it.

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