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Q: What are the various features/options in my account?

A:  The main features are: Messages, Interest requests, View profile ,Edit profile, Search partner,Photo setting, Extend/Renew membership, Change password, Report abuse, Delete account, etc.

Q: How will I be updated about my membership status or “express interests” left per month?

A: They will be displayed on the home page of your account.E.g. Membership status: 25days left, Express interests left: 15.

Q: How will I be updated if a matching profile has recently logged in

A:  You will see list of profiles which match your partner preferences and have recently logged in(i.e. are active) appearing on the wall of your account.

Q: How can I send/receive message to/from other members?

A: Go to your mailbox. If someone has messaged you, it will appear in your inbox has you can reply back to that message in form of conversation. If you want to compose a new message, go to “compose message” in the mailbox and enter the profile ID of the person you want to message, give subject, type the message and send.

Q: Is chatting feature available? If no, why not?

A: No, we have not kept chatting option. This is because is not a social networking site. The conversation between interested parties should be limited to the extent of knowing more about eachother sufficient to get idea of mutual compatibility. Vague talks and vain chats should be not be initiated or entertained.

Q: How can I view/edit my profile?

A: To view your profile click on“view profile” link and to edit it, click on “edit profile” link. You can anytime edit your profile details except (1) name (2) parentage (3) D.O.B (4)email address (5) first uploaded photograph. To change any of these you will have to contact our customer care executive.

Q: How can change my partner preferences?

A: Go to “edit profile” and find the "partner preferences" section. There you can edit them and save the changes.

Q: How will I be notified if some ones send me “express interest” request?

A: You will receive notifications in “interest requests”whenever someone sends you “express interest” request.

Q: How do I accept or decline “express interest” request?

A: Click on the profile of the person who has send you request. After you carefully see his/her profile in detail and have reached a decision, click on “respond to express interest”. You will find two options i.e. “accept” or “decline”. Click on either of the two depending on what you have decided.

Q: What will accepting “express interest” do?

A: It will make your full name, photographs and contact numbers visible to the person whose “express interest” you have accepted and viceversa. Moreover, it will indicate that you want to consider this person as potential life partner. However, it shouldn’t be taken as a nod for marriage.

Q: How can I upload my photographs in my album?

A: Go to “edit profile” and click on the photo album. By default there will be three identical photos of the one which you had uploaded during registration. However, you can change the other two photos whenever you want. Make sure that you upload recent color photos only.

Q: Can I keep my photos invisible to other users? If yes, how?

A: By default, your photos are invisible to all users except“accepted members”. However, to make them visible to all registered users, goto “photo setting” and click on the check box. Now, if you appear in the search results or someone visits your profile, your photo will also be visible to them. However, a free visitor to our site can never see you photos.

Q: How is privacy protected

A: We give you full control of your privacy. You can remain anonymous to other users as long you want to. Your full name, photos and contact numbers remain hidden until you allow someone/others to see them. As mentioned above, only “accepted members” (i.e. those whose “express interest”has been accepted by you or vice-versa) can see your full name and contact numbers. Other registered user can never see them and they can see your photo only when you click the check box in “photo setting”.

Q: How can I extend/renew my membership?

A: Click on “Extend/Renew membership” and proceed for payment after selecting a membership plan.

Q: Will I get any discount on renewal?

A: Yes, on renewing your plan,you will get renewal discount depending on your previous plan. To see discount%age see “registration” section of FAQs.

Q: Can I renew my membership even after expiry of my account?

A: yes, you can renew your membership within 15 days after expiry.

Q: How can I permanently delete my account?

A: Click on “delete account” and proceed to delete.

Q: How can I temporarily deactivate my account?

A: For temporary deactivation, call our customer care, give him your profile ID and request for the same.

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