Q: What are eligibility criteria for registering a profile on

A: You should be have attained legally (as per Indian law) minimum marriageable age i.e. 18 years and 21 years for girl and boy respectively. Also you should be Kashmiri by ethnicity.

Q: How do I register my profile?

A: Registration process on is simple, quick and user friendly. To register, click on the “Register” tab on our home page, which will open a four step registration form. You have to fill atleast all the mandatory fields marked by asterisks (*) on each page of the form .After submitting the form, you will find a message on screen acknowledging your successful registration.

Q: Can I edit my profile?

A: You can anytime edit your profile details except (1) name (2) parentage (3) D.O.B (4) email address (5) first uploaded photograph. To change any of these you will have to contact our customer care executive.

Q: If I face any problem in registration, what should I do?

A: Call on our customer care numbers.  It will be our pleasure to help you.

Q: Can I register on the behalf of other person e.g. son/daughter or brother/sister?

A: Yes, you can register on the behalf of your son/daughter or brother/sister. However, you must first ask their consent and also you have to give your name and contact number. Note that we don’t entertain registrations on behalf of other relatives or friends.

Q: Is registration difficult?

A: You just have to fill the registration form, which is user friendly and interactive. It’s very easy to fill and submit it. You will find pop-up messages for most fields to guide you. In case you still need any help, you can call on our customer care numbers.  

Q: Registration form seems lengthy. Is it necessary to fill so many fields?

A: As marriage is a very important matter which deeply affects your future life, it is very essential that you provide detailed information about yourselves for other members to know you better and vice-versa. Atleast, all the mandatory fields in the form should be filled up. Though it is a bit time consuming, filling it up entirely is in your interests as it helps you in choosing a suitable life partner. Remember a well-detailed profile gets more response than those with less details.

Q: Are all the fields in the form mandatory?

A: Only those fields which are marked by an asterisk (*) sign are mandatory, rest are optional.

Q: Which email ID should I give for registration? Why do you need it?

A: You must provide a valid and currently active email ID which you frequently check for mails. We use it for correspondence with you.Also it become a unique ID for your account and thus can be used as login ID.

Q: Can email ID be changed?

A: No, once given email ID can’t be changed for a particular registration.

Q: Can I register more than one profile using a single email?

A: No, simultaneously, only one profile can be registered with an email ID.

Q: What type of password should I keep?

A: The length of password has to be between 6-16 characters with no spaces in them. For security, besides alphabetic letters, you should use digits and special characters in your password. 

Q: How to upload my profile photograph?

A: In the registration form, click on the “browse” button in the field “Photo of Bride/Groom” and choose a recent color photograph of yours which clearly shows your face. Then click on “upload”button and wait until your uploaded photograph appears on the space provided on the form. You can’t change this photograph without our permission. However,after your account is made, you can upload two more photographs which you can change any time you want.

Q: What should me the size and format of uploaded photograph?

A: The size of uploaded photos should not exceed 1 MB and they should be in JPEG or PNG formats.

Q: what are instructions for writing my name?

A: First name and surname are compulsory. Give your surname even if you don’t usually write it officially. Don’t use initials instead of your full name.

Q: Who can see my name?

A: Only those registered users can see your full name whose interest request has been accepted by you or who has accepted your interest request (i.e. accepted members).   Rest can only see your surname e.g. if your name is Asim Bashir Bhat then they will see it has Mr.Bhat only.

Q: Why is it mandatory to give my father’s name? Who can see his name?

A:Yes, giving your father’s name is mandatory for proper identification and avoiding any confusion between people with similar names.Only accepted members can see his name.

Q: What is the minimum age limit for a boy and a girl to register?

A: 21 years and 18 years respectively as per Indian Law.

Q: My profession is not listed, what do I give?

A: Click on “not specified” which will make another field to appear in the form saying “specify your profession”. Here you can write it in your own words.

Q: If I am a student,which option should I selection in profession filed?

A: “Not working” option.

Q: If I can’t speak Kashmiri, can I register?

A: There are many people of Kashmiri ethnicity, especially among NRIs, who can’t speak Kashmiri. Thus it’s not mandatory and you can register even if you can’t speak Kashmiri.

Q: Who can see my contact address?

A: Only accepted members can see yours and your guardian’s contact numbers.

Q: Which contact number should I give?

A: If you have registered on your own behalf, then it’s mandatory that you give your currently working contact number which remains with you. You will receive verification call on this numbers.Besides, we highly recommend you to give your parents/guardian’s contact number too. Incase, someone else is registering profile on your behalf, then they will have to provide only their own contact number. E.g. if a person registers profile of his daughter/son, then he has to provide only his contact number, not of his daughter/son.

Q: Why is my parents/guardian’s contact number recommended?

A: Because in our Kashmiri cultures it’s a norm that a party interested in your profile would want to first get in contact with your parents/guardian.Moreover, people will consider you more seriously and deem you genuine.

Q: What should I write my qualification level if I am about to my pursuing degree e.g. if I am in final year of MBBS should I write my education level high school or bachelor’s degree?

A: You can select bachelor’s degree. Then in “describe yourself” space you can mention that you are still pursuing the course but about to finish.

Q: Why education field is not listed in given list. What should I do?

 A: Click on “not specified”which will make another field to appear in the form saying “specify your education field”. Here you can write it in your own words.

Q: Can I add listed of multiple institutions which I have attended?

A: Yes, if you want to give details of your educational background, you can add names of all institutions you have attended and courses you have pursued in them.

Q: What is the benefit of giving employment/business details?

A: When it comes to finding a match, a person’s job profiles is one of the most important criterion people have in mind.  Some people have more preferences for certain work areas depending on their personal beliefs, convenience, compatibility and type of life style they want to live. So you must honestly give your employment/business details in your own words such that it best describes “what do you do?”

Q: What should I write in “describe yourself”?

A: Here you should describe yourself, your family, career,interests and hobbies, things which distinguish you from others, etc.  freely in your own words. Here you may also mention things which you personally feel are important for you but have not been covered in fields of the form. In short, here you can try best to describe your true personality to other user(s) who read your profile, and thus increase chances of getting responses from desired type of people.

Q: What is the purpose of giving my partner preference?

A:  Its purpose is to will give other users an idea of your desired partner preferences, which can help them decide whether they are right match for you or not. Setting partner preferences also enables Nikah Maker ( our match finding tool)  to give you updates about recently logged-in profiles which match your given partner preferences.

Q: Why am I asked to send photograph of my photo ID?

A: It’s used for the validation of your profile.

Q: Which photo IDs are valid for verification?

A: Passport, Aadhar Card, Voter ID, PAN Card, Driving license, Government issued ID.

Q: Can I click photo of my ID with my mobile or digital camera?

A: Yes, if they have good enough resolution. The details of your ID photo should be clearly visible. Alternatively, you may scan it.

Q: Does any user see my given photo ID?

A: No, it remains confidential with us and is not shared with any unauthorized person.

Q: What are the different membership plans?

A: There are following three membership plans offered by us:

(1)   Duration: 3 months, price: FREE, “express interests” per month: 30,

 discount on renewal:10%.

(2)    Duration:6 months, price: Rs.500, “express interests” per month: 35,

 discount on renewal:15%.

(3)   Duration: 1 year, price: Rs.1000, “express interests” per month: 40,

 discount on renewal: 20%.

Q: What is a profile ID on

A: This is auto-generated unique Id. This unique Id is for every individual who registers on which can be used for login purpose and all reference concerning his/her profile. Also, a user can see your profile details by inputting the profile ID in the given profile ID search box whenever he/she wishes to search for your profile.

Q: What is profile validation?

A: In profile validation we manually scrutinize and verify registered profiles against identity proofs provided by users. Besides, we perform telephonic verification of registered users on their contact numbers.Also we check submitted profiles for any inappropriate text or images.

Q: How long does it take for my account to get activated on

A: Because all profiles are manually validated, so it take some time. As soon we receive a new profile it goes in queue for validation process and we try our best to activate your account as soon as possible. Also,the time taken will depend on the mode of your payment. For online payment, it will take upto 3 working days and for DD/Cheque (offline payments) it will take  upto 5 working days after we receive them.

Q: Will I be contact by your team during validation? If yes, how?

A: Yes, during validation we will contact you on the contact number provided by you. Remember we will call you ONLY from the phone numbers provided on our website in “contact us”. It will be an easy going conversation of few minutes.  In case you are not reachable, we will email you. Note that we never ask for any passwords or pin numbers, etc.

Q: Can Kashmiri non-Muslims avail this service?

A: Our service is open to all Kashmiris irrespective of their religion. So they are welcome to avail our service.

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