About Kashmir Nikah is the first online matrimonial service, catering exclusively to the Kashmiri Community in Kashmir and elsewhere in the world. It has been custom designed by a group of Kashmiri professionals from various backgrounds, to conform to the unique cultural sensitivities of Kashmir. If you are in search of life partner, will make it an easy and a pleasant experience .

Traditionally, it is the Manzimyor (middle-man) who suggests suitable matches. But it happens to be time consuming, costly and a hectic affair. Besides, for many of us, involvement of Manzimyor, a stranger, is not convenient enough. Moreover, one gets few options to choose from. Yes it has worked well for long, but in present times when leisure is not a common luxury, this conventional way for finding life partner may not be the best one. harnesses the latest technological advances in IT, to provide you with highly sophisticated and user friendly interface, thus making your search for the soulmate smart and easy. With hundreds of verified profiles to choose from, you are very likely to find that special someone with whom you share true compatibility.

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